The Criterium

A Criterium is a short-distance race, where riders compete around a lapped circuit to complete the most laps possible in a short amount of time.

The Cycle Southampton Crit will be a city centre based route around the two main city centre parks! This wide and fast track will make for some quick and exciting racing within a large pack.

Entries for the Cycle Southampton Crit will open in the new year, be the first to hear about it by registering your interest!

Course Specifications

Lap Length: 1.72km
Ascent: 13m
Date: 20/6/20

*Routes subject to change

The Route

Welcome to the fast paced and exciting world of Criterium Racing!

The Cycle Southampton Crit will be taking place across the day and into the evening of the 20th of June 2020, culminating in a high octane top class race in the evening with everyone else having a chance to give a Crit racing a shot throughout the day!

We will be running school races, youth races, newbie races and races for more experienced riders with British Cycling categories!

If you have any questions about the Crit please check out our FAQ’s!