Cycling in Southampton in 2019!

It has been an exciting last few months for everyone on two wheels in Southampton with a lot of events and developments happening that you may have missed out on and we wanted to bring you up to date with.


HSBC Ride Southampton:

On the 21st of July, Southampton City Center was closed down to cars for a festival of cycling that saw 1000’s of people taking part in a short loop of the city, starting and finishing at St Marys Stadium. This event was great to see with so many different people from a variety of cultures and age ranges getting together to ride around Southampton.


The city council has been hard at work making the city even more friendly to cyclists to encourage everyone to ditch their cars and cycle around the city. The new Cycle Network goes all the way from Totton into the city center.


This fantastic new platform gives anyone the ability to plan a cycle route from anywhere in the city as well as public transport options. Why not have a look yourself and see if you can get to work on your bike?

Cycle Southampton Team

Cycle Southampton Team

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